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    Speed sensor for 4 pin antec fan


    I'm new to the forum and new to overclocking

    I have 4 case fans in my case: 2 are Rosewill's and 2 are Antec's that came with the case. I also have a fan control unit with the display that I bought on Newegg. The unit is capable of displaying RPMs and temperatures.

    Unfortunately, only the two Rosewill fans' RPMs are read (they have a 3 pin sensor cable). The other two have the old-fashioned 4 pin. While I can control their speed, I still can't read RPMs on the display.

    So, is it possible somehow to enable these two fans to display the RPMs?

    I'm sorry if this is a very noob question


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    Do you mean a 4-pin molex, as in this:

    If so, it will depend on if the fans have the circuitry in them. They probably do, but you'll have to pull the fan apart, solder a wire to the correct mystery spot, and run it out to your fan controller. I've never been a big worry-wart when it comes to RPM, besides maybe cpu fan. If the fan does it's job well, knowing the exact rpm is almost pointless.

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