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    asus p5k deluex boot squence

    Im wanting to rebooty my OS to windows 7 I got the cd in my drive how do i go into bios and reboot it from my drive from bios so its a fresh wipe? Everytime I put in the windows 7 disk and do a wipe it doesnt clean my comp out so i have alot of memory missing my friend who gave me wind 7 told me to do it from my bios and it will wipe my pc clean and put on wind 7.

    Also my cpu is overclocked if i do this will i also have to OC again? please get back to me asap im in the middle of trying to figure it out now thank you.

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    When you boot your PC look for the boot screen that says boot options. Then pres that key on the keyboard when it boots up to get into boot options, then boot from the windows 7 CD, then format your hard drive.
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