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    [O/C]Futuremark Adding 3DMark11 to its Arsenal

    Futuremark Adding 3DMark11 to its Arsenal
    by EarthDog

    The makers of the popular 3dMark benching software, Futuremark, have announced their newest version of its 3d benchmarking software, 3DMark11. This version will use a “native DX11 engine designed to make extensive use of all the new features in DirectX 11, including tessellation, compute shaders and multi-threading.” So guess what fellow benchers, we have another new game to play and this time we can flex the muscle of our DX11 cards!
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    I'm glad they're leaving the 'Vantage' moniker behind.

    Not sure who to PM about your incorrectly formatted link.
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    They probably want to forget that... lol

    I forgot to mention in the article that this will have a free version as well.

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    Got the formatting & moving to benching section. Sorry for the delay!

    Added the bit about it being free too.

    That video is sweet. If that was real-time rendered, I bet the system they did it on was one heck of a powerhouse.
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    Hope it takes more advantage of the new GPU's and makes the benchmark less CPU dependent.

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    Thats good to hear for sure. Maybe this 5850 can do some work then
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    Maybe this time they'll implement DirectCompute (as "open" as DirectX) instead of proprietary PhysX.
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    Brolloks, why would that be the case? They've already done that with Vantage as best they can...

    You can't eliminate the CPU as a contributer though, as the video card relies on a good CPU to power it just as much as it needs itself. Testing only the video card on a slow system isn't going to be accurate to testing only the video card on a fast system.

    Looked rendered in real time to me, probably by a pair of 5970s...
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