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    Welcome Redduc900 to our moderation team!

    Redduc900 has accepted our offer to become a moderator on the forums and we are really happy to have him on board! You've likely seen him bouncing around our most technical forums helping members with very specific detailed instructions! He'll get a fresh ban hammer and the tools he needs to directly help keep this place clean, helpful, and focussed on helping members achieve their overclocking goals!

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    Congrats Bob, very well deserved!

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    It's great to have you aboard Bob.

    Now you can break in your hammer and knock off some spammers
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    Nice, congrats! I've see him helping new OCers with detailed instructions all the time. This is well deserved

    Wow, that's 3 new greens recently. There was hardly any green tint in the "currently active users" list, but that's changing quickly.
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    Congrats Bob!
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    Hot Diggity! Well deserved!!

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    WTG man...

    now share those templates would ya?!

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    Congrats man, well deserved an always a huge help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by EarthDog View Post
    WTG man...

    now share those templates would ya?!
    For real... Should we have a "bob's subforum for bios templates"?

    Bing brought things up almost a year ago, but the idea we have in mind is complicated and requires development skills I don't have. I think there are other ways we could start things off and still make knowledge like redduc's more available until we get a more complete solution in place.

    I don't know, just throwing things out there...

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    I knew it was just a matter of time congrats Redduc900! Well deserved man, well deserved.
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    congrats! welcome!
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    Thanks a lot everyone, I really appreciate the congrat's and the welcome. I'm proud to have been chosen to be a mod, and have always been happy to be part of the best overclocking community anywhere on the net.

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    Congratulations man
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