Hey all

I just now got my ugpraded system running and I was wondering about BIOS updates.

Specifically I've just installed an i7 930/asusP6T deluxe V2,new ram,plus 750power supply. And I havent' installed the supplied Asus software/drivers etc on the supplied disc. Mostly because all the reviews I read from new owners said "don't".

They advise to use the "go on line method" and skip the disc--I guess its too outdated etc. Don't know specifaclly why. But I'm wondering even more--I dont' think? I plan to use the ASUS suite of overclocking stuff etc/I've gotten use to not using it.

But i was wondering if any of you with WIN7--that's what I have--are not using the ASUS drivers at all. I ask that because before this upgrade i had a Formula Rampage mobo and Q6700 and after going from Vista to Win7 it wouldn't run any of the asus software anyway? The op sys would tell me that it had already installed the best option for me etc.

Have you had any experience along these lines. I'm just gonna run it as is for a while and see how it works. I'm sure that my WIN7 at startup must have gone through whatever for some time to decide what drivers it wants to use etc. It looks and seems fine but i haven't done any gaming or anything demanding yet.

I'd appreciate any help from your experience.