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    what is maximum voltage for amd phenom II x3 720?

    im at 3.6 ghz at 1.42 volts, with prime max temps go to are 41 degrees, shall i riase voltage more and overclcok more, what is the maximum voltage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by umarrehman187 View Post
    im at 3.6 ghz at 1.42 volts, with prime max temps go to are 41 degrees, shall i riase voltage more and overclcok more, what is the maximum voltage?
    Loaded question. Me personally, I have no issue with 1.5v. But rest assured, anything beyond the stock voltage will "most likely shorten the life of your CPU". The question is...shorten by how much? Will it go from 10 years to 5...I dunno. My thoughts have always been that I'm rarely on a CPU for more than 2 years, and in all my time I have only murdered one CPU...and that was totally on purpose.

    I say, as long as you can keep it below it's reported thermal threshold...volt her up...within reason.
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    For 24/7 overclocks most people agree 1.55V being max long as your temps are good. Once you have found your stable overclock, best thing you can do is drop the voltage as much as you can and stay stable. Over time higher voltages will wear on the processor faster. So quite possibly in 2-3 year(or maybe 5 no true way to tell), your overclock will start to become unstable which at that point you can either add voltage or lower the overclock.
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    AMD says 0.850-1.425V is the safe range for that processor.

    For overclocking purposes the load core temp is a critical part of the answer, as far as I'm concerned. I've seen way too many people running 60C or more and pushing 1.50v of more volts through there rig! If your load core temps (as shown by either OCCT or Prime95+CoreTemp) are 55C or less then 1.50v is probably good. If you're below 50C or, better yet, well into the 40's then even 1.55v can be pretty safe if your vCore is steady.

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