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    Kingston HyperX memory timings

    Hey guys,

    Can anyone help me set the timings for my memory? I have 4x1GB Kingston HyperX ddr2 1066MHz CL5. Works with no problem at the declared speed on 2.2V, but I was wondering if I could get better overall performance if I set the FSB freq from 266 to 333MHz and set the RAM freq to 666MHz with lower timings.

    My system specs:
    CPU: Intel E5200
    MB: Asus P5QL-Pro
    RAM: 4GB(4x1GB) Kingston HyperX DDR2 1066MHz CL5

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    You wont see much difference in performance either way but.... I don't think your E5200 can handle a 333 FSB anayway. Because that cpu is 200MHz x 12.5 = 2500MHz if you were to bump it to 333 your clock would be at 4163MHz!!

    I think you should stick to a 266 FSB (CPU OC'd to 3.325GHz) with a 1:2 divider (RAM at 1064MHz) and stock timmings. Also 4 sticks of RAM can be somewhat unstable...
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    So long as their dual channeled and all the same brand it should be okay.
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    He can lower the multiplier to keep overall clockspeeds in check...

    But yeah, there isnt much point...

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    Thx ppl

    Guess I'll focus on the cpu.

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