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    Question i think this cheap psu needs to be replaced..

    well i currently have an i7 build with the following shat box:

    My build is the following=
    Case: Lian Li Lancool k60
    MOBO: gigabyte x58a-udr3
    CPU: i7-930 (not overclocked)
    GPU: ATI 5770HDx1
    RAM: 3x2gb GEIL CL9-9-9-24 1333mhz ram
    HDD: Hitachi 1TB (X2 soon as im thinking of getting another.. and it wont be a hitachi)
    PSU: Titan-750w
    Other: Wireless card and Tv tuner
    LEDs: None
    Montior: 24" Acer x243H

    ok so thats my above build and this was a build that someone 'custom' built for me... he obviously went for cheap parts when i told him what i wanted

    The problem:
    i asked this guy who built me this build for a 750 watt PSU so i could Xfire OR Trifire my 5770... ofcoarse i dont know if im gonna get anywere near that with the psu he put me...

    The questions:
    1)Should i buy a Corsair TX-650 or TX750 (for xfire... still not sure about trifire)
    2)Will i be able to run 2x5770s(no overclock) with that PSU (system runs fine with one 5770)?
    3)is it even possible to trifire the with a tx-650/tx-750?

    Jesus people dont do anything right these days without you keeping track of them or doing part of the job for them....

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    Go for Corsair TX-750 for Crossfire and Tri Fire use the HX-850
    TX-750 Corsair
    HX-850 Corsair

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    just the reply i was looking for =]...
    and how would u rate my current psu?
    (coincidence that i looked at this thread 1 minute after u posted 0.o...)

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