First of all, this is my Laptop Specs: Download PDF

I bought this laptop 1 years ago. The laptop did it jobs very well until 1 weeks ago...

It happened randomly, the whole system is getting to freezed states instantly. I can't move my mouse, nor the keyboards responds. If I play mp3s, the last 10 miliseconds (1/100 seconds) of the song will play repeatedly, making an annoying sounds. It doesn't gives any Blue Screen or some things like that.

The only way to fix is by holding the power button for a few seconds, then it turns off. After rebooting, Windows Event Viewer only report that "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first." The chances of getting this freeze is unpredictable. Sometimes it could be very stable for 3-5 hours until freeze, sometimes it could freeze when the Windows is in a loading screen at bootup.

Some findings:

- The temp is not the cause. It can freeze even when my CPU temp is at 35 C.

- Tried with and without battery, still freezes.

- I believe there are no IRQ conflict. Before 1 weeks ago the system is doing fine and I didn't makes any hardware changes to my laptop. All hardware details in Device Manager on Resources Tab says "No Conflict" although there are many "Sharing IRQs"...

- I tried to delete all harddisk partition and configuration by doing Start Menu > CMD > diskpart > select disk 0 > clean... Then I recreate a partition, reformatting and reinstalling the OS... No Luck...

- Tried to install default Vista Recovery CD (that came with the laptop), Windows 7, Windows XP. All originals. no luck.

- It can even freezes when the Windows Installation is in progress. So no virus, bad program, spyware, bad drivers or something like that.

- Updated the BIOS to latest 2.2. It's very cold.

Some strange facts:

- The system could be more stable (it still can crashed) if I don't make any keyboard/mouse movement... Video Encoding (CPU hungry) task is more stable than browsing the Internet and moving the mouse everywhere.

- I never found it freezed when I enter and watching the BIOS menu.

- In Windows 7, I launch Windows Memory Diagnostic and doing some tests. No error reported.

- Do you know Prime95 Stress Test? (Just google it). I torture the RAM and CPU and the program never says any calculation errors or warnings as might happened in case of damaged CPU/RAM.

- It never freezes if the laptop is turned off. Nah. Just joking.

Thanks for your attention. Really appreciating your helps