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    which one of corsair dominator's is better?

    Hey guys,

    I'm in the market for new RAM and I'm stuck between these two models:

    Corsair Dominator GX 12gb 1866MHz $409

    Corsair Dominator 12gb 1600MHz $419

    The Corsair Dominator GX seems like the obvious choice... It has 1866MHz, as compared to a 160MHz. I guess the real question is, why is the second choice, which seems to be inferior, more expensive? Maybe it overclocks better? What do you guys think? I've cheked various websites, and its always either more expensive or just as expensive as the GX model.

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    The GX would be my choice. Technically, both sets are identical. Cas 9 @ 1866 = Cas 8 @ 1600. Just go with the cheaper set. The GX are also newer so the chips should be better.
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    +1 go with the newer GX
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    Curious as to why you selected Corsair Dom's at ~$420.00 w/ timings of 8-8-8-24, when you can get 12GB G.Skill PiS DDR3-1600 for example rated at 7-8-7-24-1T and 1.5V for ~$70.00 less. Or the Pi+ Turbulence rated at 6-8-6-20 and 1.5V, which comes w/ the Turbulence fan for ~$400.00... both at Newegg for those prices.

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