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    Problems opening microswitches on a mouse

    My mouse (steelseries ikari) started acting up a while back, double clicking every time i single clicked.
    I've been following this guide among others which involve messing about with the leaf spring in the clicker.

    None of the guides i've found go into a lot of detail on opening the cover of the switch and i just can't seem to figure it out myself.
    It's been mentioned in several of these posts that there are catches on the cover which have to be tripped before you can open it but i have no idea what to look for or what exactly to do when i find them.

    Can anyone give me a quick bit of insight on the catches or opening the switches in general?
    I know it's probably something simple i'm missing but that's always the problem with everything.

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    In the Guide -
    The best way I've found to do this is with an exacto blade, or a very small flat-head screwdriver. Be very careful here, as it is thin plastic and easy to break. You want to release the catch on both the front and the back before lifting it off. If not, it is easy to bend one end of the leaf spring.
    Just take it easy on the little tabs either side of the little black box holding the limit switch

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    Thanks, i'll give it another go. I take it the tabs have to be lifted? My eyesight is pretty bad so it's hard to see exactly what the mechanism looks like. They're called micro for a reason i guess.

    Edit: Turns out brute force worked to some extent, except for the tiniest bit of it went flying across the room and i had to dismantle another mouse to get a replacement.
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