I bought a cm storm force 200 from a store and notice that the fan comes with a 2pin head and a molex head.

I assume that the 2pin head are for the Led and the molex head are supposingly for the fan which u can't controll the speed which would be running at 900.

I wanted to hook it up to the fan controller but since it's running on molex with only 2 wires, i believe that there's no way it's gonna be controllable without the rpm wire.

I decided to remove a portion of the fan's sticker which is covering the pcb.

On there , i notice that there's writings and solder points on it.
Led1 with - and + is for led. But i also noticed that there is 3 solder points with indication written as G V and S*where there isnt any wire solder to it*.

G=Ground, V= Voltage and S= ?? sensor which is for the rpm controller?
Could i juz get a any wires and solder onto it and hook the 3 wires to a 3pin head, so that i can be hooked on to a fan controller.