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    what to do about girlfriends laptop for gaming

    the laptop she has is a toshiba satellite A205 s5847

    also here is the info from dxdiag (pics below)

    I have upgraded her graphics drivers, and chipset.

    Just wondering if there is anything else I can try to do so she can play alien swarm, half life 2, doom3. I will most likely just give her my old gaming rig soon. amd64 single core, 9800 pro. I know that will play doom3 and hl2.

    Thanks for any ideas.

    Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
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    7950 3GB GV-R795WF3 Stock for now
    650W corsair PSU
    OCZ Reapers 4x2GB 1050 (5-5-5-15)
    lain li A77
    cooling: apogee GT, MCW60 +custom heatsinks MCR220(top) MCR320(front), MCP350

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    You're stuck with onboard graphics....either get a new rig/laptop or hope the service "onlive" becomes available soon!
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