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    HTPC mini itx case??

    Hey guys im in the process of building an htpc. I would also like the htpc to double as a file storage for media. I got a great combo from newegg using atom 330 and ion chipset. The motherboard is mini itx though. I've been searching around and so far all the cases i've found that supports mini itx only has space for 2 HDD. Anyone got a link to an HTPC style case that has more than 2 HDD drive bays?
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    It's not a HTPC style case, if you mean by low profile flat cases, but the LIAN LI PC-Q08 will support 6 3.5 inch devices (more if you don't occupy the 5.25 bay or don't mind one laying on the bottom):

    Might max out the ports on the board before you fill up the case, of course you can just get another SATA card to fit into the spare PCIe slot you'll have (or at least I assume you have since you've never mentioned the board but from most of the mini ITX 330+ION boards I've seen they come with either a x16 or x1).
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