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    Are these things decent for O/C? I'm looking to learn a bit about 775 O/C and looking to do it on the cheap. I've seen some cheap models available for $50 and less. Anyone have any experience?

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    Idk about Asrock but there's a nice Giga X38 board for sale in the classifieds
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    775... ehm , burned maybe 3
    I heard only some good about 1156 boards from asrock. I could add 1366 too but my friend made 2 RMA for Extreme one that died on almost stock settings.
    Better look for something like Gigabyte P45 if you want it for 2 core cpu or any other that will make 600+ FSB. Great were Biostar TPower P45 but had some issues with memory controller after long work on high voltage. For me was working till 650+FSB. Thats almost all from cheap boards. I still have DFI P45-T2RS that is passing 600FSB without problem but memory that left after some RMA are making ~550MHz

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