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    [O/C] CoolIT Vantage ALC Review

    CoolIT Vantage ALC Review
    by mdcomp

    The CoolIt Vantage ALC is not the first self-contained watercooling loop to hit the market, and certainly won't be the last. We have reviewed several already at including the CoolIt ECO A.L.C. and the Corsair H50. The Vantage, however, is the most advanced self-contained watercooling product that we've seen to date, featuring an LCD screen, wireless-ready monitoring capabilities and customizable performance
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    Great Review Matt,
    I found that on different Gigabyte Mobo,s the issue with connecting to the 4pin CPU header wasnt an issue on one Mobo, the two Mobo,s I have them installed are the P35-DS3L and X48T-DQ6

    Connecting on the P35-DS3L runs as normal operation, on the X48t-DQ6 the fan runs at max, also I have mine set-up in Push/Pull config with Shrouds and extra 120mm fan

    More results are seen in Jolly-Swagman’s thread

    Looking forward to also getting the software called Maestro, when its released in October for even more control options and settings.

    Overall I am Quite Happy with the CoolIT VANTAGE ALC

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    Great review!

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    Nice review Matt, how does this compare to the Corsair H50 and H70?

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