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Thread: A new case

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    A new case

    Hi !

    I'm building a new computer based on the Athlon XP 1700+.
    What would be the best case to use: Full Tower or just a Midi ATX for AMD ?



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    That depends on a lot of things. Think along the future. Do you plan to ever watercool, or put a few 80 mm or 120 mm fans in? just kinda of a personal preference. I bought a mid-tower, when I should have bought a full tower, because I decided to watercool after I bought it. Haven't bother to buy a new case yet either. The radiator just sits outside.

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    If you have the space and the cash, go full tower. This means that you will generally have better airflow ie more space = longer to heat up and, as Jester said, it allows for more cooling apparatus. PSU however is more important than the case. WIth an XP1700+ look for a 350W to 450W PSU.
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    Iím just got an Antec SX1040 and I really like it. BTW this is the third case Iíve bought for my pc in two years.
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    I also have an Antec1040b..its sweet...

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    i went with koolmaster... watercooled and not full tower... i have a problem with space so this choice worked great for me

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    I bought this case

    Great price with 400 psu. Same case as antec 1040. Although I bought the 300 psu model dumped stock psu and put in a sparkle 400. I dont know much about the enhance psu that comes with it but it is AMD recommended. Check it out Its a nice case.

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