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    is there a simple at home checkbook banking register type program for W7?

    I have an old program..used it since w98 and it worked fine on XP. It will not work on W7 and there is no support for it so I am stuck.

    I liked it cause it was super simple to use. looked just like a checkbook register...just input debits and credits and was able to keep up with bank balance without getting on line. also allowed me to input pending transactions in order to see what the balance was going to be in advance.

    I need something simple like this for W7.

    whats out there?

    the old program I had was like dirt cheap as well cause it was basic. which is all I need.
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    get the open office version of excel
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    Well, here is one possibility

    another is that you can try running your old program in compatibility mode and see if that works.

    A third is that if you have win 7 pro you can try running the program in XP mode.
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    Why have a separate program when you can just create a simple formula in excel? As already mentioned, openoffice has a free version of excel that works great.
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    Search for Buddi on I use it and it's simple to use. Hope its what you're looking for.

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    Right click on its Setup.exe and see if you can use the Compatibility TAB for Win98.

    And/or after it installs right click on the installed program exe and do the same. Sometimes this works for some older programs.

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