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Thread: 3d mark vantage

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    3d mark vantage

    Soo I was going to test out my phenom ii 955 with this software, and when I saw the price, my jaw dropped, any ways to get them cheaper??? Free??

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    I think you can run it a few times for free...but what price made your jaw drop? It's like $20 isn't it?

    Product: 3DMark Vantage
    Price: $19.95
    Quantity: 1
    Total price: $19.95


    Subtotal: $19.95
    Shipping and handling: $0.00
    TAX: $0.00

    TOTAL PRICE: $19.95

    Billing information
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    It is 19.99 for one of the versions. I have it and it allow most functionality.
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    The Pro version for commercial use is expensive but not the user limited version for free or $20.

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    The professional version is like $300 which is probably what he saw. That isn't necessary though.
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