it started about 2 weeks ago. i wanted a watercooling kit.
as i didnt have all the experiance i thought i needed to piece it together and get fittings and so forth correct.

so i wanted a luefken kit. i tried 3 days in a row. leaving many messages also to call me back so i could place a order. i did talk to a nice lady one day who said call back at 4pm. i did and it was busy for 20 mins and then i got the trusty machine again! aaaargh!

ok so i moved on becouse i was getting knowledge amassed quikly. hey you tend to learn alot reading these forums.

so i wanted to give a try , the sold danger den products. good stuff so im told. every kit was sold out. the next day i tried again just to get a waterblock.becouse at this time i felt confident enough i could build it myself.better and not as cheap but better . still out of stock. ok but they seemed nice and all so axion was a decent experiance.

and from a sujjestion from you guys, as always" i listen to the pros " i tried overclockers hideout. what a great suprise this was! honstly. my first call placed i talked to a guy told me everything i needed to know, since i was just gonna send a money order.even told me is faster if i use usps money order.this guy also went and told me about options to stuff and was willing to answer any question i had. i actually felt he was looking out for me becouse he kinda went threw a list to make sure i had everything i would need.and didnt leave anything out.

ok so i send my money order out on friday. i chose the 2nd day air ups option on my merchindise. was like 2 bucks more and well worth it.
i called on tuesday to ask what my order status was. the person told me they had recieved it and was going out that day. to make this short i had it in my hands that friday. 7 day turnaround. and i had to even mail then the money!. thats fast.

i know reading all this is alot. but i am extreamly happy with them and i felt they deserved my time writing this. and if i never need anything again they are getting my business.