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    Question RAID/Fast-Init problem

    Hello all, been a very long time since I last posted but I have a problem that I need a second opinion on.

    I have 2 500GB WD caviar drives that were a single, non-boot, RAID 0 array in a previous computer awhile back. I now need some of the data that was on them, so I plugged them into the new computer (Asus M4A79XTD EVO)

    The RAID controller recognizes both of the drives individually and I can designate them as an array, but if I designate Fast Init as "On" it warns me that this will delete the MBR on the disks. Will this affect the data I'm trying to get at? Or is it ok to leave Fast Init off?

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    deleting the MBR will not By itelf delete all the data. But the MBR can hold the partitioning stuff. it still could make it inaccessable.

    re-setting the raid0 it is helpfull to be on the same raid device that had it assembled, and with the exact same stripe size, and even partition size, and in the same order it was in originally (port0 port1)
    which some raid can keep it ordered even if the ports are switched.

    if the data is really hugely important, putting it on the original would be the only safest thing.
    if there was no partitioning, you still have the stripe size and stripe order to concider.

    There are times when i had to re-assemble back on the SAME device after having broke it in the bios, luckily i had all the parameters for everything written down, I reassembled it exactally as it was , and it even told me It would "Destroy all my data". but i got everything back the way it was with nary a single missing bit.
    oh boy that was real helpfull they both sound like a terrible way to secure your old data :-)

    good luck.
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