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    Fall is in the air!

    Tonight is the first night in a good while we've gotten a little chill in the air around here.
    I recently got my kill-A-Watt device back and decided to run some quick tests on power consumption and temps.

    Setup (ALL AIR!):
    Q9550 @ 4GHz 1.256v
    TRUE w/ 115CFM Panaflo
    P45 Maximum II Formula
    4x1GB DDR2 1132MHz 5-5-5-15 2.15v
    GTX280 1.175v w/ AC Extreme 729MHz-GPU | 1458MHz-Shader | 1260MHz-RAM
    300GB VR
    PC P&C 750W
    Thermaltake Armor w/ excellent airflow

    I opened the windows in this room, and this meat thermometer is reading 72*F right now.
    It was at 73*F at the beginning of the tests.
    In the summer I run the A/C at 77*F, and this room always heats up more b/c of the PC's and the afternoon sun, so this is a nice change of pace.
    My PC loves the constant supply of fresh air!
    She's a little dusty, but the CPU and GPU still never get over 50*C under full load.

    Idle at the desktop she pulls 165W from the wall, and temps are 26*C on the hottest CPU core and 29*C on the GPU.

    In the pic below I'm running P95-small fft.
    The ambient is 73*F, and it's pulling 304W from the wall.

    Name:  P95 73F 304W.jpg
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    In this SS I'm running Furmark at 1024x768 16xAA.
    Ambient dropped to 72*C.
    The VRM's get a little hot, but everything else is nice and cool.
    Kill-A-Watt reads 410W.

    Name:  Fur 72F 410W.jpg
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    In this one both P95 and Furmark are double-teaming for 516W from the wall.
    Ambient still stable at 72*C.
    Temps on the VRMs have climbed a bit, but stabilized.
    Furmark really cooks the VRMs w/ all the extra current it draws!

    Name:  P95+Fur 72F 516W.jpg
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    If we assume 83% efficiency from the PSU here is an estimate on what the PSU is delivering to the PC.

    Name:  Power Consumption.jpg
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    Name:  Power Consumption Graph.jpg
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    Just wait till Winter gets here!

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    Just wait till Winter gets here!
    and wont you be cozy.

    Nice Post, I understood most of that. Luv them pics.

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    Nice OC. and such low voltage.
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    Hehehe I just put my case right in front of an open window sucking in 40f air,, Its loving it! running F@H on my gtx465 only tops the gpu temp out at like 50c
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