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    Question Good video card for my MB

    I have a ACPI x64 motherboard and i want a good video card compatible with it. Ideas?

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    (i have a laptop i don't know if that change anything)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jorockstar84 View Post
    (i have a laptop i don't know if that change anything)
    Changes everything.

    I'm almost positive you cannot add a video card to that. What model/part is the laptop itself? Most laptops are one shot one kill...meaning you got what you bought, other than a HD or Ram upgrade.
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    It's a Toshiba Satellite

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    That doesn't narrow much down not that it would be possible to upgrade it anyways
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    ACPI is Advanced Configuration and Power Interface, and is a standard that all motherboard manufacturers adhere to that controls and regulates the power and power states the computer can go to.. like sleep mode, standby and hibernation. So your best bet is to just provide the model number for the laptop, because I'm guessing you don't know much about computer hardware. (Not a problem, we're here to help with that ) Should look something like A15-S2098 (yes that's just random numbers but I have an old Toshiba Satellite myself)
    Unfortunately it's a laptop, and as such, having integrated graphics means that it's soldered right into the motherboard. If you want to upgrade the graphics in that you're going to have to buy a new laptop.
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