Long time lurker here.....and I've finally brought myself to actually post.

I decided to look up equivalent performance of a RAID10 with 4 WD Black drives. Turns out I think something might be up with my setup:

this is the "File Benchmark" in HD Tune Pro 4.6

As you can see it clearly levels off just under 150MB/s - and this is consistent with several benchmarks I have run in different applications. Considering I have 4 drives I would hope it would be substantially faster than this.

I'm using the RAID controller on my MSI P55-GD65 motherboard. I figured I would get a performance hit but this seems rather drastic. It's my first go-around with a RAID array so all the boogeymen related to "Will I lose data if I update drivers/BIOS" have kinda paralyzed me from tinkering with it. I was hoping someone that has experience with this might be able to guide me toward a solution. Thanks in advance for any help people can offer. Much much much appreciated.