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    atm E6750- want Q9550, does it fit on my X38 Motherboard?

    Hello Guys, first of all, Greeetz from Germany
    well, at the moment i have my rig in the signature.
    Im running the C2D E6750 @3.100 Mhz. I wanna change to a Q9550
    Maybe overclock it between 2.9 till 3.2
    Of course, the change to a Q9550 will be nice step.

    But, will it fit on my Motherboard?
    I have the Abit X38 Quad GT.
    From the Abit Page, the Q9550 will run on my MB. Its listened here
    Well,..there are stories on the internet, that the X38 GT Board has some problems with the Quad-CPUs, especially in overclocking^^ PWMs damage and so on?
    Does someone of u have some experience with this combination?

    Best regards,

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    Yes it will fit as long as it uses socket 775. Now make sure to get the latest BIOS update because one of the updates could have been for supporting that CPU.
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    yes, no problem.
    some months ago i installed 1.3 and 1.4

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