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    GTX 480 price drops coming?

    according to the latest price search on a GTX $580 is only about 13% more money than a GTX 480.

    Is that not worth it? 13% is only about $60

    Are GTX 480's looking forward to a price drop... perhaps putting them around the $399 mark or is that impossible?

    Here is some info posted on "another" site...

    Feel free to post yours!

    Just received, installed and tested the 580, and despite the rather high price tag, so far I can suggest that it's definitely worth stepping-up from the 480.

    So far, here's some results:

    GTX 480 - usual idle temp w/ fan @ 55% was 45C+
    GTX 580 - idle temp w/ fan @50% is 34C

    That's -11C at 5% slower fan speed and quiet!

    GTX 480 - usual load temp w/ fan @ 79%+ was 67C-74C
    GTX 580 - load temp w/ fan @ 70% is 53C

    That's -9% fan speed, @ 14C-23C cooler... and quiet!

    FPS is now 4-15 higher just so far with brief testing, same exact scenario, environment and on-screen action. Generally upwards of 9-15fps higher most of the time.

    The GTX 580 is actually a big improvement over the 480 in every way... much quieter, much cooler and the performance so far is actually also worth the cost when you put all of these factors together.

    For what it's worth, there's just a small example. Glad I made the move. Definitely worth it!

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    I'd bet there will be price drops in early-mid december.
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    It would have been nice if you tested them at the same fan speed, then show the difference, but good show anyhow. You have plenty of breathing room with your temps. I would love to sink another 1k into a sli setup but will probably wait until the next gen (680 if thats where they are going).
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    Thanks for posting the results of your 580. I finally talked myself into buying one.

    I doubt the 480 prices will drop too much. The GTX285 prices never came below $300, even when newer stuff was out and it was EOL'd. I guess there are enough idiots out there to pay full price for them after the fact.
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    i dont own a 580 BTW... I just found someone else that did and posted.

    And to add to what you just said... I think it's insulting that retailers are still asking nearly $300 or more for 280's and 85's. Not to mention what 260's still cost.

    I want to punch something.

    Look at this cluster F$#@& of a page....

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    480 just dropped to 370 bucks on newegg.
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    Cheapest one in Canada to me... $410 - $20 mail in = $390

    price is coming down
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