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    AthlonXP install incredibly easy

    From a long-time Intel user (b/c of incremental upgrades), I must say my first eXPerience setting up an AMD system was incredibly smooth and in some ways easier than Intel systems!

    First of all, I am sure most of you buy OEM CPU's, but my setup was with a retail CPU for a relative. The retail CPU comes with a full-color sheet explaining how to best install a HSF. Well, I did not bother with the actual retail fan and used a Millenium Glaciator instead. The Glaciator instructions said to 'tilt' the HS while clipping one side onto the socket lugs, then let the HS settle onto the pads and clip the other side. Let me warn you: this is the best formula for chipping your core!

    The AMD sheet recommended gently resting the HSF on the pads and lining up both sides of the clip with the socket lugs. I did this by looking straight down at the HSF while it rested on the CPU pads, while it was not touching the core at all. Then I clipped the first side of the clip on, and then the second.

    I must say this was *much* lesss tressful than seating a HSF onto an Intel FC-PGA core. Why? Well, since I like to take about 5-10 minutes to make sure my application of Arctic Silver is very uniform and very thin, when pressing onto a 'pad-less' FC-PGA core, as soon as the HSF touches the core it disturbs this careful AS spreading. With the pads, one can let the HSF rest on the pads and attach one clip side before even disturbing the AS spreading at all. I found this to be much easier and straight-forward than having to stabilize the HSF with my other hand like I did with FC-PGA procs.

    Anyway, i just wanted to throw this tid-bit out for all those that buy OEM CPU's and also state that CPU pads rock! LOL, I may make some pads for every CPU I set up now, whether Intel or AMD!
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    Glad to hear of your positive eXPerience,

    Welcome to the "other" side.

    Good Luck!
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