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Thread: 4870 upgrade

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    4870 upgrade

    Hey Guys,
    I decided its time to upgrade my graphics card recently and there are two options.
    1. get another 4870 512mb and set up CF for around $40-$70 from some guy
    2. buy 2 6870 and set up CF for $350 from some other guy
    3. get a 5870 from ebay for $400-$550

    My monitor is 1600x1050 and i dont play to upgrade it anytime soon
    Cpu is Q6600 OC to 3.2GHz
    8GB 833MHz ram
    Windows 7 X64

    I'm leaning towards the first option as its the cheapest, however if the other two options offer considerable improvements over 4870 512mb CF I would consider them as well.

    I guess the question is: would my system utilize the full potential of option 2 and 3 without bottlenecking with the Q6600 and thus paying a large amount for not too much improvement.

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    if 3. get a 5870 from ebay for $400-$550
    i would say hold your god damn horses till the 69** series comes out
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    i would imagine the cost of buying a 69xx series card to be a bit on the expensive side.

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