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    has anyone seen this youtube video yet? Interesting....

    edit.... this is also interesting. Reason for delays???
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    They put so much love in your card that "they polish every card by hand, therefore each card is guaranteed to be a hand-crafted unique version!"

    Lmao, no... I can't belive that... EVERY CARDS?! EVEERRRYYYY???? would explains why it was delayed... damn working from 22 nov to 15 dec on that!?

    That's the funniest fail I've heard in a long time! Thanks for sharing
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    Good Review of 2x HD6970 in CF:

    The pair scale very well in the majority of games. They come in behind the GTX580 SLI setup which scales less well. This can also be seen in the power consumption page, where they almost pull as much power as the 580s in SLI!
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    Hmph, yea at least they lazy'd something right (not needing supported drivers to have good crossfire scaling). Most of those games scale very well. Other than the one crappy result in Mafia 2, the performance is close enough to where it'll be unnoticeable in gameplay, making 2x 6970's a better buy than 2x gtx580's for gaming.

    Power consumption is still questionable. From looking at all the different reviews, we can tell that the power consumption varies by a lot.. and most of the sites don't tell us what setting they're using with PowerTune.

    Now, about those driver updates... can't be lazy and expect the new hardware to magically tell itself what to do...
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