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    choosing a radiator

    i am starting to think about building a water cooling system.

    The first i am watching is the radiator.

    I have an AMD 1055t OC to 4.0ghz on air, and 2 graphic cards.
    And also i want an as silent water cooling as i can.

    OK so how big do i need the radiator ?
    the bigger the better ?
    what about this one?
    How do i know if the radiator is better for high speed or low speed fans?
    any advice or recommendation?

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    Meh, not the best rad but not bad. Very big.

    Your best bet if your new is to start from scratch and learn more about watercooling. You need to know your heatload to determine your rad size. Flow rates matter too.

    So please start with this link I have made for someone and spend a week or two reading it. We also have some good links in the sticky at the top of this forum.
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    Will update later.

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    I would use a PSU calculator to work out how much power the system will dissipate into the loop. Then use Skinee Labs to find a radiator that does this within your wanted performance. (eg within 5, 10 or 15C of the water temperature).

    Obviously the bigger the radiator, the more heat can be dissipated with the same rpm fans. That one in your post looks lke a beast, and will probably mean you will be able to use relatively slow rpm fans.

    Otherwise this review ( shows that the SR1 is better at slower fans (due to its design), I assume that the fins are less dense so more air can be pushed through.

    I use the Black Ice 480 with 2000rpm fans, and I would say this is very loud :P

    For a 10C delta between water and components, 400W can be dissipated with 1200rpm fans ( on a triple radiator.

    I am guessing the cards are going to be quite powerful, so you may need a 360 and 240mm or more for decent performance (assuming it scales almost linearly).
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    I have that rad
    They improved the flow rate a lot over the MO-RA 2, in this third version. I'm running both CPU and GPU in one loop with a rather weak pump, and still getting very good results.
    I think that bigger is better, but is it necessary? Not for me, it's overkill for my setup, but i went for low DT's and thats what I got I can actually cool my system passively with this rad btw...

    So you can do with less, if thats what you are asking
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    thanks, i am reading a lot and thinking in taking my time to choose all my loop.

    This guides are good material

    CPU: 3770k 4.0ghz || Mother: Gygabyte UD5 || Ram: 16gb 2400mhz CL9 || SSD: Samsung PRO 128bg raid 0 || HDD: 1tb || Video: Asus 770 CF || PSU: Corsair AX 850W || Cooling: WC

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