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    You may want to look a couple posts above you... old boy's face ahs been removed with the latest bios.

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    I like MSIs design. It has more innovative power delivery system. less chokes but more efficient.

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    OK, here's the 1.51B as requested and the latest 1.61 as well. Enjoy!

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    Even without his face in the bios, the board still looks like it was made by Tyco and is sold at Toys R Us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EarthDog View Post
    You may want to look a couple posts above you... old boy's face ahs been removed with the latest bios.
    Just read it, seems I wasn't the only one bothered by it

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    yea it does look amazing but im not getting the pro just getting the reg version (ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Performance) looks just as good hoping to get it running good waiting on newegg to refund me my money on some DOA amd crap i bought. going to pair it with a i5 2500k

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    Quote Originally Posted by thideras View Post
    Am I the only ones that hates the look of this board? ~__~
    I also dislike the looks of this board. I think it looks tacky and cheesy. Hopefully it runs a lot better than it looks, lol.

    Also every time I read "Fatality" all I can think is faulty, not sure why.
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