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    EVGA 8800 GT Directx 10

    I am helping my son with his system.

    His card ( 8800GT) requires directX 10.

    LOL I have searched for hours for a link for directx 10 with no luck.

    As of right now he has D8.

    Any hints as to where to find D10?

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    What operating system and service pack is he using??

    DirectX 9.0c shipped with windows XP Service Pack 2.

    DX10 shipped with Vista. DX10.1 shipped with Vista SP1.

    Try running windows update and see if any service packs are available.

    Edit: his card doesn't necessarily need DirectX 10. It will work with DX9 also; it would just benefit from having DX10. Some games however may require a certain version of DX.

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