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    Nice Case

    This case looks pretty cool! I like the screwless cases. In for the win!

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    S.Wales (UK)
    In the words of donkey from Shrek... "oh me, me pick me!"
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    under a heatsink
    Yeah I am really wondering how I'd stuff my rad in there.
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    Always room for a new case!
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    maybe a 20 post minimum would be better. thats not spam

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    I WIN

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    I'm in for a free case.
    underachiever/black firday rocks
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    mobo:asus maximus 4 extreme-z/asus p8z68-v lx


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    That case... is beautiful
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    This case looks incredible. I've actually been looking for a new case for my new build. Something that will replace my NZXT Zero. Great job guys, this site is awesome

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    Its BEAUTIFUL! with Caps lol

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    hope i win!

    sign me up please!

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    im in

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    Whoo Hoo!

    I'm in, this case is so sweet.

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    Wow what a case, that is bad a**. looks like something out of TRON or Starwars. Hats off to whoever came up with that design. Keep up the awesome design. Thanks to this site for giving us all an opportunity to win this case.


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    Who couldn't use a free case!!!!!!

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    Free stuff? Count me in!

    It's my birthday on the 1st...
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    Windows 7 Pro x64

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    I would love to have this case, it'd really help out since I'm short on money for a decent processor.

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    If I won this, I'd replace my Raven RV02 so I could watercool. I love my Raven, but WCing it going to be a little difficult I think.

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    I've been eyeballing this case for a long time. I've read the review here, watched the demo on Newegg, all that. I just wish that I had the money when it was on sale at Newegg for $99 with free shipping. Here's hoping!

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    I'm in!

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