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    ECS 649-M2 LGA775 LAN driver issue

    I just had to do a reformat on a pre-built computer for someone. Of course, like everyone, they had lost the disc with all the drivers and utilities.

    I thought "no problem, I'll just download them from the manufacturer's site"

    So anyway, the problem I'm having is getting the ethernet port working.

    Here is ECS's page with the motherboard drivers:

    ECS's site say that the ethernet port requires the Realtek RTL81xxx driver, but after installing this, still no internet connection..

    After some reading, I found that this was not the correct driver, and that the port is actually controlled by the SIS 965L southbridge. So I downloaded the driver from SIS's site, but still no luck.

    The ethernet port is enabled in device manager and in the BIOS.

    I am really stumped here, does anyone have any ideas on what I could do?
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    Try the second 1 on the list.
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