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    E-leet Tuning utility, how it works?

    I don't know if it is the good place to post this kind of question so feel free to move this topic in the good section.

    Here is my problem:
    I'd like to use manual voltage for turbo.
    I can run stable at 1.05v @ 160x21GHz but need 1.141v @ 160x24 (turbo mode).

    The easy solution is to set the voltage at 1.141v but it is then pointless to use turbo as I could run @ 190x20 at this voltage!

    There is an option in the E-leet enabling me to set a Vcore boost for the turbo. The "Vcore boost" increase the voltage when windows require more processing juice.

    When I asked EVGA if I could have this option in the BIOS, they replied:
    "The voltage increases that you are attempting to implement are purely software based via E-leet. It is not an available option in the bios."

    Thus, this let me think that if I could find the way how E-leet is "asking" the motherboard (or whatever it is) to increase the voltage, I could permanently boot with these settings (e-leet doesn't save or apply change for next boot).

    Anyway, if you have any idea how to acheive this, I will send you 100xKudos
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    Without backwards engineering the ELEET util it would be hard to figure out what kinds of codes its passing to the BIOS to tell it to increase/decrease the voltages on the fly like it does. I don't know if what you want to do would even be possible w/o a 3rd party application to run things.

    eleet doesnt autorun, and even if it did it reads the BIOS as-is and displays current settings. The only thing I could think to do, which isn't what you want, is set the BIOS to run at 1.14, drop eleet.exe into your startup folder, after it starts up drop the volt down to 1.05 and apply settings. Obviously this isn't efficient, but without knowing the coding it's using I think it may be the best option.

    Though thinking about it more that would only work at non-turbo settings.. so it may not work at all.

    disable turbo and run at 1.05 all the time Turbo only affects 1 core and most apps use more than 1 anymore!
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