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    WHy does my ping suck?

    I get good ping to websites through command line-- 30ms or so, but I get awful ping in many games, like SC2 and BFBC2. BC2 often shows me over 100ms. Sometimes more.

    My LAN controller is the Intel controller on the Rampage III Formula. Router is a BEFSR41 Lynksis wired. Live in a building. 11th floor. Built 2 or 3 years ago. Downloads are fast at 2.5-3MB/s and speedtest reads me @ 25mbit/s

    what's up?

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    I play battlefield bc 2 and it's really hard for me to get pings lower than 100. I think it's just the game since when I play L4D2 i get 30ms. I play sc2 too and never had issues with it.

    Just trust speed test. What's the upload results? Game pings are not always related to the quality of your connection (I have comcast 50mbps). Try different servers.
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    SC2 and BFBC2 use a centralized server that is almost always filled with connections. 100 ping is good.

    I've always had 'high' ping in the battlefield games (since 1942) and had low ping in CS Servers. So I just dealt with it..

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    You could always play COD and get fast latency since no one plays :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theocnoob View Post
    Live in a building. 11th floor. Built 2 or 3 years ago.
    Sick, have any pictures?

    Anyways, never played the game but can you filter for servers in your general location? I know I get bad pings out here in Phoenix when I game at 7 am and it's just because all the populated servers are on the East coast.

    Hope you get it solved!

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    Its not always your end thats the problem, it could just be the servers on the other end, or the route through the internet to get to them. Nothing you can do about distance, unless they have a geographically closer server you can connect to.

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    You could do a trace route (tracert) to see where the latency is spiking.
    Then again, as others have said, it's probably due to the centralized server you are accessing.

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