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    AMD Phenom II X4 840 CPU Review

    With an MSRP of just $102, the new AMD Phenom II X4 840 CPUis one of the cheapest quad-core CPUs on the market. Value for money is usually a given with AMD CPUs, but can this processor push the envelope when it comes to budget performance?

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    Nice review Matt
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    nice review, but in the price table listed the 1075T X6 as a 4/4 cpu, just saying.
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    Nice review - thanks. I would have been curious how the 840 stacks up to the 820 because:
    • They're about the same price,
    • The 840 has a higher clock while the (Deneb family) 820 has L3 cache,
    • and I bought the 820

    I suspect that the difference in stock clock (2.8GHz for the 820 vs. 3.2 for the 840) would make a bigger difference than the cache.
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    I wonder if there is unlockable cache on that thing, or whether it's just a rebadged AthII.
    The 810 my dad had for a while was 4mb L3 that could be unlocked to 6mb just like unlocking cores.
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