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    Acer GD245HQ 120hz question

    Im looking for a good LCD display for my computer.
    Things I do on my comp is watch a lot of movies/seriers in 720p quality, play some games (world of warcraft and some FPS sometimes) Though I do not game all that much.

    And then some minor photo editing.
    So I got interested in these 120hz screens because what I read is that windows will be a lot smoother, games and movies be a lot smoother?

    But at the same time I want awesome color and picture quality!

    I have been looking at Acer GD245HQ and it got good reviews.
    But then it got a TN panel.. I really dont know that much about IPS vs TN and so forth..

    So I would want some input from you guys who knows this stuff.

    And my final question is, when i google Acer GD245HQ I also get hits on Acer GD245HQbid What is that "bid" in the end ? (The bid one seems cheaper too)


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    I don't think it will make movies smoother, since movies are usually 24 frames per second.
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    If you don't game much or rather don't play FPS games a lot there really is no reason to get a 120hz screen unless you wanted it for 3D. All current 120hz monitors are TN panels, which have the worst picture quality. VA is better quality and IPS is the best quality, but the slowest and most expensive. I'd say you probably want to go for a VA panel since they are only a little more expensive than a TN, unless you have a high budget? I guess it also depends what screen size you want to go with?

    Windows is pretty static so 120hz won't make it smoother as not a lot is changing at once. Movies are encoded 24 or 30 fps anyways so 120hz will just mean the same frames are shown twice. The only games you could really notice and utilize the 120hz screen is FPS games. These are the reasons why you wouldn't want a 120hz screen.

    I don't have any particular recommendations because I haven't been out shopping for a VA or IPS screen. I play lots of FPS games so I got a 120hz monitor. Hope this helps some.
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