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    gigabyte x58 sniper now on newegg

    DFI x58 T3eH6 motherboard
    intel i7 920 DO
    6 gigs gskill ripjaws 1600
    ATI 4850 video card
    2/ WD black 750 gig H/drives
    1/WD ssd 128gb w win 7 64
    OCZ 700wt fatality p/supply
    Lian LI pc 17 black case
    asus usb 3 and sata 6 card

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    It looks nice but I don't understand why they priced it like that. You can get a Classified or a UD-7 for cheaper. Also Gigabyte is making a board with HiCookie that'll be black and orange so don't really now what each boards niche will be.
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    Cooler Master HAF X With Window | Corsair TX 750 watt PSU | 2x500gb Samsung F3 RAID 0
    Asus Essence ST | 3D Mark 11 High Scores = Performance 9000

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    these boards look so good. nice to see companys give the blue and white scheme a break every once in a while. im partial to the dark grey and black scheme myself, that i see on some of the EVGAs not big on the reds... but the banana clip heat sink is awesome!

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