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    ASUS P7P55D E-LX problem/ways around?

    Hey overclocking community, I recently built a new system and want to overclock it, I have looked on google and youtube but I can't seem to find any help. My problem is that when I enter BIOS I go to AI Tweaker and change the mode to manual, from there I try to change the FSB but when I hit enter nothing happens. The only options given to me are:
    2.8GHz(i7 860(or something to that effect))
    2.93GHz(i7 870)
    Any suggestions on how to change my FSB to something other than those 3 options?

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    Change Ai Overclock Tuner to Manual, and OC From CPU Level Up to Auto. Then in order to change the BCLK Frequency, use the + / - keys on the NumPad w/ the option highlighted.

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    Thanks a million!

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