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    Overclockix Revived - An Linux Distribution

    A linux distribution by overclockers, for overclockers! It runs from a CD making no permanent changes to your computer – read more to find how to try it for yourself or get involved with developing it through the Forums!
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    EDIT 10/4/11: You may be interested in the Overclockix Master thread or the Overclockix homepage to get the latest Overclockix basics and information.
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    Nice Matt! I had seen this being bandied about in the Alternative OS section. Nice to see someone taking it on. D/L now to try out on a Ubuntu Laptop.

    I got no skills...but I'll report back as a newb.

    Note I did get the full D/L on my third try trying the disc out now.
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    definetely in on this one!

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    i am holding a poll to choose the desktop environment for the final builds as i would like to maintain as few versions as possible. please vote here:
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