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    NZXT H2 Classic Silent Case Review

    One of the most important aspects of a PC case outside of having the components they use fit or good airflow is noise. NZXT has given us one of their mid-tower cases, named the H2 Classic, which aims to curb some of the sounds that come out of our PC. This case has features such as foam padding on both the side panels and front panel, quiet 120 mm fans, as well as using rubber grommets around the mounting points for the hard drives isolating their vibration...

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    Antec also has a hot swap capable SATA HDD Dock with the "Dark Fleet" series

    But in both cases i think it would have been more usefull to the end user if it was a 3.5" drive supported. That way 2.5 and 3.5" devices could be used.

    Top panel I/O, looks nice, once thing I think that could have been done better is E-SATA. Without the HDD dock supporting 3.5" drives, i think they missed the boat with that one.

    Also would be nice if they rotated the HDD cages 90 degrees.
    The layout they have makes it a pain to remove drives if PCI slots are populated.

    However what i would like to know is, how is the noise VS a Antec Sonata Case? I am a big fan of Silent PCs.

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    Nice review! I really like the look of NZXT's new cases. Would you say this is the best case available in that price range??
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    I'm liking the white - Really sets off the motherboard if it has a decent colour scheme :-)
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    Release Date

    Does anyone have any idea when these cases are set to hit the internet shelves? I've been looking everywhere, and all I can find is "sometime in April."

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    There's also a black version of this though.. Which I think looks far nicer. It goes nicely with the white fans giving it that accent. But I've always prefered black over white in terms of cases.. My P180 Mini is the black version, not white XD.
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    Its at newegg now.

    As far as best in its price range.. .Im not sure what every case is available in that price range... nut it should be up there with its neat feature set.

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    I purchased this case for my new build that I built a few months back and can say i am very pleased with it. I used to be a fan-oholic and my old setup was on the loud side with the 10+ fans all running. My wife wasn't a big fan of the noise either. After building my new rig in this case I haven't heard a peep from here about noise and even at times i have to double check that I pressed the button when turning it on as it is that quite.

    For the price it was a no brainer for me to buy and now reading this review after i agree fully.

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