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    Evercool Transformer 4 Heatsink Review

    Today I will be looking at a heatsink from Evercool, the Transformer 4. This is the first heatsink I have ever had from Evercool, and it came delivered along with another offering from them, the Transformer 3. I consider the Transformer 4 to be their high-end offering, since it has four heatpipes and comes with two fans for a push-pull setup. I decided to take it for a test drive first, then follow up with the Transformer 3, which only has three heatpipes and comes with only one fan. The Transformer 4 is set up in conventional tower style with a heatpipe direct touch base and utilizes four 8 mm...

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    ooh...a value cooler for me to recommend...great writeup (as always) jim!
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    Thanks m0r7. If Evercool would have a better mounting system, this would be a decent choice. But their mounting systems are their weak link. The Transformer 3 (review coming soon) is also hurting in the mounting department too. It does have good pricing though.

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    Thats a pretty good reveiw of the fans as well, the
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    The picture captions for "Exhaust fan side view" and "Intake fan side view" are reversed.
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    Great honest review!

    I really like the look of the cooler though especially with the chrome fans, definitely seems like a good budget cooler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thideras View Post
    The picture captions for "Exhaust fan side view" and "Intake fan side view" are reversed.
    Fixed, thank you.

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    Does pretty well with an 80 dollar fan on it!...
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