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    Nero 10 and CD-Text? Nero 7 worked fine!

    I already posted this on the Nero forums, but to be honest, I have a lot more confidence in this community than any others, so here goes...

    Simply put, I'm copying my CD collection, and trying to make sure the copies all have CD-Text, which is supported by my Alpine head unit.

    With the copy of Nero 7 that came with my DVD burner, all I have to do is hit the copy button. A box pops up for my CDDB, with a button to access the internet CDDB. I clic the button, select the proper entry, and it's added to my local CDDB, and CD-Text is added as the copy is being burned.

    With Nero 10, I can't find a way to get the CDDB box to pop up, or even a place to enable it. I've got the Gracenote CDDB box checked in the options, but it doesn't add the CDDB info to copied discs.

    Simply put, Nero 7 worked perfectly. How do I get Nero 10 to behave the same way? Or can it simply not be done?

    (I have Nero 10 Multimedia Suite, version 10.5.10500, Vista x64)
    P4 3.0 @ 3.45GHz
    P4C800-E w/ SP-94 and 92mm modded Tornado
    2 GB Mushkin Extreme Performance 3-4-4-8 @ 230 MHz
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    This thread should be in the storage topic
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