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    just bought a new monitor(have a bit of a dilemma)

    well i just bought this 24" LCD

    and a guy i know told me that it would be stupid not to get this 24" LED for just about the same price

    What are your guys' thoughts on this?

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    Well what the difference between the 2 monitors beside one being led and the other being lcd ???? I have 4 19" lcd monitors that run alot of the time and never had any problems with them..
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    led is lcd it just has led backlight isntead of fluorescent but led is supposedly a cleaner picture and i think thinner and lighter they also use less electricity

    but either would be pretty good
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    led's are thinner, use less power and comparing from what I saw when I was tv shopping, LEDs looked to have a brighter picture, but that could have been the tv settings on the showroom floor.
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    I edited this post cause i confused myself. lol

    i was talking in my head about the led edgelit and and spoke as if it was the backlite and there was an extra led model sorry, lol

    i have an led backlit and there is a noticable differece in picture

    For 9$ youll save that in electric in its life, so go for it. IMO
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    get the LED backlit monitor. i've used both of them and recently purchased a 24" samsung led backlit monitor about 4 months ago and it has a much cleaner, sharper, brighter clean picture to it compared to my lcd samsung back in 09.

    also this video compares LCD vs LED backlit monitors and is what made me jump on LED monitors
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