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    Building a New System, need veteran thoughts!


    It has been nearly 6 years since I lasted built my own system and since then I have just purchased prebuilt ones out of laziness.... unfortunately my current system is starting/ rather has reached the end of it's lifespan - I thought about it with overclocking and upgrading some components but after looking at the prices it just doesn't shout "value for money!"
    So I decided to go for a full upgrade and will be building one - I'm not completely up to date on the technologies other than the vast series of reviews so I would just like to get some opinions on what you think about my current selection and any changes you'd recommend.

    The rig will be primarily built for gaming and will be built on Intel and Nvidia architecture (not a fan with AMD/ATI) and plan to go SLI in the future.

    In this selection there is an issue that I'm not completely sure on and that's the decision on whether to use a SSD to boot with a single drive for main storage or go with Raid 0 and have everything on that, in the selection below I've swayed towards an SSD but I'm not 100% sure...

    Asus P8P67 Pro R3 P67
    Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz with the Hyper 212 Cooler
    Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3

    OCZ 120GB Vertex 2 SSD 3.5 (Boot)
    Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 (Storage)

    Sony Optiarc AD-5260S 24x DVD±RW
    Coolermaster HAF X Case
    Antec Truepower 650w *


    (For those interested, my current rig is Dell XPS 630i , only changes is an overclocked Q9300 core to 3ghz, and using a single 8800gt since the other one failed last week).

    *Updated Component
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    Make sure the 67 pro does SLI. Most 67 boards do not. It's too early to look things up where I am.

    The Coolermaster PSU is something I would not buy. Get a corsair or seasonic or top end kingwin or taegan.

    Also the Asus DirectCUII runs significantly cooler than the Twin Frozr II. The downside is that ASUS will give you sheitier capacitors. Your call .

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    I would drop to a 2500K to see if you can fit a 570 in the budget.
    4770K @ 4.3 GHz | NH-D14 | R9 280X CFX @ 1060/1500 | ASUS Z87 GRYPHON | 16GB Crucial DDR3-1866 8-8-8-24-1T | 1TB WD Black RAID 1 | Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB | Silverstone SG09 | Rosewill Capstone 750M | Qnix QX-2710 2560x1440

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    yeah the board definately supports SLI as I was trying to decide between the pro/deluxe editions, the psu; I got to admit that I didn't really look much into it- other than it was listed as "recommended item" next to the case - was poor judgement on my part.
    Did some browsing and the Antec Truepower 650w and the Corsair TX750w peaked interest - I heard in the past that Antec was using Seasonic technology now and they're PSU's have always been quite efficent, I think 650w is ample for the build currently so I'll go with that, thanks.

    I've not got a budget in mind for the build but I was planning to take my 560 from my brothers build into the new one since he is upgrading to the 580, saves me having to buy a new GPU :P

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    Have you looked at the Cooler Master Advanced II ?
    it's a pretty neat case, tool less design, dust filters(not on side panel though)
    the stock fans are so quiet, even on mac speed (1200rpm) you hear NOTHING.

    Compared to the HAF, i'd say they're very similar, not as big of a front fan, and wwaaaaayyyy less of an industrial look.
    both are good case, and the Advance II is like what, $99, i think, i saw a few places for 80, even 70$

    so yeah, both retain the same features: tool less, HDD racks, great cooling (it's cooler master after all :P) water cooling ready and so on.

    it all comes to personal choice in the end really, I personally like the Advance II for it's less Industrial look.

    and as for the power supply, i'd say what Theocnoob said and get something other then a cooler master psu.

    MotherBoard: Asus P8P67
    CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k SandyBridge @ 4.10GHz
    ram: 16gb ddr3 1600mhz
    case: Cooler master CM 690II Advanced
    GPU: Asus GTX560 TI in SLI
    psu: corsair 1000watts
    storage: 2x 120GB SSD, 2x 40GB SDD 1x 80GB SSD
    2x 2TB HDD

    And all of it, sweetly liquid cooled

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