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    Gigabyte X58A-OC Review: By Overclockers, For Overclockers

    It's not news that Gigabyte makes motherboards that are "overclocker friendly" and that may be deemed an understatement by many. What is news is that the Gigabyte X58A-OC is specifically built for overclocking and maybe more to the point, extreme overclocking. The board is described as being "designed by overclockers, for overclockers" and this marks something significant.

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    I am going to get one of these, despite not personally needing an X58 board right now. But I do want more motherboards designed specifically with overclockers in mind, and if this sells well, we are more likely to see more motherboards targeted at our niche...

    Go buy this board, I don't care if you need it or not!
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    Nice review and great overclock!
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    This would be a freaking awesome board if I was more heavily invested in X58, all I have is my 920 and my wallet already cried a bit with just getting a benching setup with S775 stuff!
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    Nice review Ross! Interesting to see your insulating method/practices as I hadn't seen that before. It really looks like a great board.
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    2.5 years late

    Very nice review... Would have been nice to see that around 2 and a half years ago though. Wonder if they have the same thing planned for socket 2011

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    Thanks Roger and everyone. Yes, this is a great board and I agree that the timing may be a little inconvenient for people that are thinking of leaving 1366 behind and I was of one of them, but now I am going to do both (1366 and 1155) and will buy a 990X to run in this board too. I know that won't be a feasible or appealing option for most people, but when you bench all the time, there is no such thing as having too much hardware

    It remains to be seen if they will have a purpose-built overclocker's board for P68X and I guess that will depend on what P68X can do and take advantage of compared to P67A (ie. lots of voltage, cold, high BCLK, etc.). I do know this: if they make an overclocker's board like this for P68X, I'll be first in line to buy one!

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    its a great board guy, i got min eup and running, its pure beast.

    BTW OP try 600khz for the switching frequency, its better than 1mhz sometimes.. hint hint.

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    Yep, it is an awesome board for sure. You have an outstanding write-up on it too steve. If anyone hasn't seen it and wants some very in-depth info on the circuitry that makes this board tick, check out steve's thread

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    I like how you pointed out the ease of insulation. Definitely a very important, but often overlooked, factor.

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