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Thread: SSD tweaks?

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    SSD tweaks?

    Should I use that OCZ tweak program or leave my Intel 40gig SSD alone?

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    If I recall correctly, the OCZ tweak program just makes sure some system settings like automatic defrag are turned off. If that's the case, it certainly can't hurt.
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    really the "tweaks" i do for a new age ssd on win 7 (you really should be using win 7 for a ssd)

    is 1. disable defrag schedule (open up disk de-fragmentator and uncheck run on a scheduled time)

    2. disable windows indexing (disable windows search service)
    3. set page file to a set size (i do 2gb)

    other than that not much else is gonna do much for performance.

    and doing stuff like turning OFF superfetch is going to HURT performance as that really has nothing to do with ssd performance... superfetch uses the fast read speeds of the ssd to cache programs n whatnot to the ram which is substantially faster than any ssd.
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    Done.Thank you Gentlemen.

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