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    Cool MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC Overclock Results

    Hey guys! I just wanted some second opinions on whether or not my OC is worth it, or if it's even a decent OC.

    Monitor: 1680x1050 resolution at 60hz.

    (Below are my bare-bone stock settings from the factory)

    (Below are my over-clocked and stable settings)

    (According to GPU-Z this is the evaluation)

    Stock benchmarks:
    22c idle temperature
    52c max temperature and 18fps on MSI Kombustor Burn-In with highest settings.

    Overclocked benchmarks:
    25c idle temperature
    59C max temperature and 22fps on MSI Kombustor Burn-In with highest settings.

    ~+3c increase in idle temperatures
    ~+7c increase in load temperatures

    ~+4fps increase in MSI Kombustor Burn-In with highest settings

    Although the GPU-Z evaluation is showing I'm netting roughly ~+20% gains in shader, core, and memory clocks, is this even worth keeping my OC? I'm getting only 4 more FPS in my benching utility.



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    you got yourself a great overclocker of a card....

    1050mhz @ 1.1v is impressive. i have a dud and can't get past 970 stable even at 1.15v (max)

    you really won't see too much difference in games as a lot of games are cpu-limited. maybe 5-10% at most even with a large overclock.

    if it's worth keeping is up to you. i don't bother raising core voltage as it increases temps and noise (in fact i run 900/2300 @ 0.95v) undervolted and slightly overclocked.

    my personal opinion is...if you aren't chopping up with fps in games...there's no need to oc as the imaginary frames that u see when u have 150fps is an e-p3nis pump. lol.

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    Yeah I think you're right about if the game isn't chopping, maybe I shouldn't overclock. I think I may not be seeing a huge improvement because my refresh rate is only 60hz. Maybe if I get a higher refresh rate monitor I would notice the +20% improvement in clocks.

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