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    Sapphire HD 6950 Video Card Review (with CrossFire Results)

    In my initial AMD HD 6950 review, the card came out a huge winner in both performance and value. What good is another review of the same product? Well, the Sapphire HD 6950 is still a reference card (unlike the discontinued PowerColor PCS++ HD 6950), but this card is from a later batch and built by Sapphire, which means we could be in for significant gains in overclocking potential. Plus, with two cards in hand, we can explore the powerful CrossFire scaling abilities of AMD's latest 6900 series GPUs.

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    was the 3DMark Vantage (the one comparing 570 a overall score or just gpu score) ?
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    I have to say something about CrossFire scaling in AVP: when i had two HD4870 cards, i remember CF being negative in that game, scaling was some -50%. Looks like they fixed it now.

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